A life-long teacher helping you navigate the difficulties of parenting. Inspiring you to have a more connected partnership. Encouraging you to be proud of who you are and more enthusiastic about your life. 

I thought I was going to have the kid thing in the bag, after all, I was a dang good elementary school teacher for many years and children loved me. 

So, imagine my surprise when my own child started hitting me at three-years-old and later began talking back. Imagine my horror when my two kids were arguing (I used to have twenty-five students all day on their best behavior). Imagine my disbelief when mindful, peaceful, and calm me began yelling at my kids. Was this the Mama that I wanted to be? Heck NO! So, I did what I do best … I studied hard and started teaching.


I became a certified Positive Discipline Teacher. I took classes in Mindfulness. I grew my awareness and spiritual self so big that my home-life became fun, enjoyable and easier. Not only did my relationship with my children improve by using my new-found tools, but my marriage became better, my friendships blossomed and my stress decreased. Now, I teach both children and their parents (‘cause you can take me out of the classroom, but I’ll never stop teaching!). Want to know more? Read More in the About Section!

“Laura’s teachings are so powerful! The techniques she shared felt super empowering for both us parents and our kids”

- Jane and Dan, parents of two boys

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My work is devoted to sharing ideas, tools, and resources that will help you yell at your family less and enjoy spending time with them more.

Maybe you wish your kids would get to school on time?

Maybe you are tired of yelling at your kids?

Maybe you want to enjoy your kids more and fantasize about moving away to a deserted island less?

In this awesome (and free) webinar you will learn 5 magical parenting tools that are proven to bring more calm to your home!

Click the link below and take the next step towards a happier family.

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