A mama of two, former elementary school teacher, positive discipline educator, mindfulness optimist, and author.

I inspire parents to feel better about themselves, in their partnership, and with their kiddos.

As a life-long teacher who can’t stop learning and sharing how to bring more joy into each day,  I spend most waking hours helping parents and kids find more moments of calm and happiness in the chaos of life (yes, that is actually possible!).

After a health scare that came with a big dose of fear, I turned to mindful awareness as a kick-butt way to calm my body and mind. Then, I added a sprinkle of optimism and love to those skills, and my fearful thinking began to slip away.

I started my quest for quality parenting practices after my two children, Oliver and Grace, were born. Having been an elementary school teacher, I thought I would have an advantage in parenting. I was sorely mistaken when my three-year-old began trying to hit me and I vacillated between authoritarian and permissive parenting approaches (neither of them working). That is when I discovered parenting tools that were kind and really worked! 

Then the magic happened … 

I combined the two -  Mindful Awareness and Parenting. The mindful awareness anchored me. The parenting tools empowered me. My home became more harmonious, peaceful, and happy!

Now, the important part … YOU!

I know parenting is hard. I know you thought that once you found your partner, settled into a home, and had children that you were going to feel happier. I understand what it is like to lay in bed at night with fears racing around in your mind like a hamster on a wheel. I know you are trying your best and you just wish your kids could be more grateful, more respectful, and better behaved. I also know the guilt you feel because sometimes you blame yourself for “not doing it right.”

I am here to tell you that you are not alone. I have experience with all of the thoughts and feelings that I just shared. I have found better ways to approach parenting, my marriage, and just to put a spin on Lady Gaga, to “love myself today ‘cause baby I was born this way.” 

If you have read this far, thank you. I hope that we can stay connected on this path to freedom and joy. I hope that I will learn about you and that you will find support in my newsletters, videos, and blog posts. You can stay up to date with my latest resources by entering your email address below! 

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website and I look forward to all that is possible for you in your journey to a happier home.

With love,


Let’s create a space in your home that is fun, light-hearted, and happy!

Laura’s Credentials

  • Elementary School Teacher (Grade K), Edna Maguire School, Mill Valley, CA

  • Elementary School Teacher (Grade 1), Park School, Mill Valley, CA

  • Mindfulness Educator/Social and Emotional Learning Workshop Teacher, San Rafael, CA

  • Mindful Schools, Oakland, CA: Mindfulness Fundamentals Course

  • Mindful Schools, Oakland, CA: Mindfulness Educators Course

  • Teaching Parenting the Positive Way, CA: Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator

Encouraging Words About Laura



“Laura brought Mindfulness into our classroom recently. She taught the children how to handle their stress through deep breathing, focusing on sound, and mindful body position. This was so very perfect for our five year olds, and they gained some valuable tools that day, which they are continuing in their daily school experience. As a teacher, and also as a parent, I recommend Laura highly for her very effective work with children. I wish my own children had the opportunity to learn some of these lifelong Mindfulness skills from such a warm, clear and intentional teacher.” – Cambria Hicks (Teacher/Parent)


“Laura brings her insight and experience to each situation with compassion and humor. She teaches children fun and engaging ways to calm and center themselves. Laura helps parents learn Mindfulness tools and teaches them how to weave those tools and skills into everyday life with young kids. She is a joy to work with, and I highly recommend her.” – Rika Gopinath (Mother and Social & Emotional Learning/Mindfulness Educator)

"Laura is a compassionate and loving mother who embodies Positive Discipline and Mindfulness tools. As a Positive Discipline teacher for the past 30 years, I confidently recommend Laura to any family looking to make an empowering change with their children." – Terese Bradshaw (Positive Discipline Teacher & Coach, Preschool Teacher, and Mother)