Connections Foster Gratitude

With Thanksgiving comes the topic of gratitude. And although I know we all have so much to be grateful for, I thought I would take today’s post as an opportunity to talk about what we can do when we aren’t feeling grateful.

Do you ever wish you could swap your family with another family? Perhaps a family where the children are better behaved and have good manners ALL the time. Wouldn’t it be nice your new family would also come with a nicer and cleaner home? Sounds lovely, right?!

Unfortunately (and fortunately), unless you are planning on being on the television show Wife Swap, your family (and little rascals) are the ones you have to work with.

So, what can we do to make the best of our current family? How do we find gratitude for the beautiful children in the moments when we just feel way too overwhelmed?

The best way for me to find gratitude for my children is by connecting with them (and I mean really connecting with them - no multitasking, texting or driving). It has to be time that I am really engaged with my kiddos. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be very long before that one-on-one time makes a big impact for me and for them. When I got my Positive Discipline Certification, we learned that 5 minutes of special time with our children will make a big impact.

Yesterday was a perfect example. My son was angry and started cutting an old cardboard box up. Instead of engaging in his anger, I took the opportunity to ask him if he had ever heard of a diorama before. Immediately, his anger gave way to curiosity. Before long, we were on our way to making the coolest dinosaur diorama. That special time turned our entire day around and carried us well into the evening!