When Miles Got Mad

Yesterday, I showcased 5 picture books for helping your child with their anger. Today, I will highlight the book When Miles Got Mad

What I like about this book is that Miles becomes upset when his little brother breaks the airplane Miles and his father recently made. This gives parents who have more than one child, an opportunity to talk about how frustrating it can feel when a sibling wont share with them or takes something that belongs to them.


At this point in the reading, I would often offer a personal story of a time when something similar happened to me as a child. For example, I remember how angry I was in third grade when my friend wouldn’t let me play jumprope on the playground. 

Mindful Ninja Mom Tip: It is really helpful for parents to share times in their own lives when they felt mad, sad, and scared. When children hear their parents talk about their feelings, it normalizes their own emotions. It also creates a deeper bond between the parent and child.

After sharing your own personal story, your children may want to share a time when they felt angry. If they want to share, allow them time and space to talk about their story. I often ask, “and what happened next” as a way to hear more about their experience. Don’t worry if your child doesn’t want to say anything, as they are gaining a lot just from hearing you talk about your own feelings. 

Throughout the story, you may find places where a natural pause occurs and you may share more personal experiences or ask more curiosity questions. Be cautious though of disrupting the flow of the story too much, you don’t want your little ones to lose interest.

At the end of the book, ask your child how Miles went from angry to feeling better. Invite your children to share other solutions that they could use when they are angry - i.e. drawing a picture, hitting a pillow, taking a deep breath. 

Make a list of your child’s ideas and create an Angry Wheel Of Choice.

I will teach you how to make an Angry Wheel of Choice in tomorrow’s post. Stay Tuned!

When Miles Got Mad
By Sam Kurtzman-Counter, Abbie Schiller