An Introduction ...

I haven’t introduced myself in awhile and thought I’d take a moment to reach out to those of you who have recently joined our online community! ⠀

My name is Laura and I am a mother of two kiddos - ages 4 and 6. 👧🏻👦🏼 I taught first grade and kindergarten for a total of 6 years before staying home to raise my family. Now, I co-chair the Social & Emotional and Mindfulness Committee at my kids school and am an aspiring picture book author. 📚 ⠀

I am passionate about fostering emotional intelligence in children in fun and creative ways. I believe picture books provide a container for meaningful conversations with children around their feelings, problems, and worldly issues. 🌎 ⠀

I wholeheartedly believe that there are amazing parenting tools available and I love learning and teaching about them ❤️⠀

🌿 I started Mindful Ninja Mom with goal of sharing mindfulness tips, parenting tools, and picture book suggestions (and, of course, anything else that I think will better us as parents and humans!) 😊⠀

Thank you for joining me on this path. ⠀