Carmela Full Of Wishes

I have been focusing on how to best help children navigate anger, so when my daughter came home with this book last Friday, the timing couldn’t have been more perfect! ⠀

Carmela Full Of Wishes by Matt de la Pena is a wonderful picture book on many levels. Set in an immigrant community, the reader experiences Carmela’s day as she sets out to help her older brother. ⠀

What my four and six-year-old have been most curious about in this story is Carmela’s relationship with her brother. ⠀

In the beginning of the story, Carmela’s brother is annoyed with her (and Carmela isn’t shy in giving him a glare in return). ⠀

It has been incredible to listen to my children talk about why they think Carmela’s brother is angry and what solutions the siblings in the story could come up with. ⠀

This is a great picture book to help facilitate a conversation about anger/solutions to anger with your little ones. Plus, the story lends itself to many other fruitful discussions!!! ⠀

Thank you, Matt de la Pena for another amazing book! ⠀

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