Helping with Frustration

A few days ago my son became angry when my husband asked him to vacuum after dinner. ⠀

I quickly felt frustrated with my son because I wanted his response to be more agreeable 🤪⠀

After my son and I both had a chance to cool down and calm down, we had an mini family meeting to talk about better ways to navigate anger in the future. ⠀

My son told me that he gets frustrated when I get upset because he is angry. I was so grateful for his honesty! Of course my anger impacts him and, although I strive to be a calm parent, sometimes I do become irritable. ⠀

I was able to take the opportunity to own my part and amend my behavior, which brought a twinkle to my son’s eyes. ⠀

Mindful Ninja Mom Tip: Acknowledging our mistakes is one of the best ways to teach children that is safe to take responsibility for their own errors. ⠀

My son then reminded me of our last family meeting about anger. He had suggested that when he becomes mad, we offer him a hug. Recently, we had forgotten that agreement and he wanted us to try the hugs again. ⠀

Mindful Ninja Mom Tip: Positive Discipline by Jane Nelsen teaches parents to involve children in finding solutions to the problems at hand. The more involved the child is in the decision making process, the more likely he will be to follow through. ⠀

We also came up with a few more agreements around anger and scheduled our next family meeting for this Sunday to check in and see how things are going for all of us. ⠀

Parenting isn’t always easy and I am always learning more about how to best support my little ones. ⠀

I am so grateful for parenting tools that bring so much love and respect into our home. ⠀

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