Last night my six-year-old had a scary dream. At first he was hesitant to tell me what it was about, but I explained that although talking about our feelings can feel hard at first, it makes them less scary later on. ⠀

After he told me about the dream, I asked him if he would like to try a trick that I use when I am scared. He eagerly said, “Yes!”⠀

I invited him to think of a color. I said that I often like to use the colors gold or white. He said he would pick pink because pink is for flowers and the heart. 🌸 ⠀

I asked him to imagine that there was a pink light surrounding his body and radiating out of his heart, hands and feet. ⠀

I suggested he bring the pink light to anywhere in his body that felt scared - like his wiggly feet or racing heart. ⠀

He kept saying, “I can see the pink light!” And, “It is making me feel happy!”⠀

Then I told him that we could pretend there was a magnet outside his window, sucking any bad dreams away from his room. He loved that idea! ⠀

In the end, he went to bed, feeling safe and reassured. ⠀

I don’t push meditation or mindfulness on my children. I don’t want it to be something that is imposed on them or that seems parent driven, but I do incorporate it in meaningful and helpful ways when I see an opportunity. ⠀

Last night was one of those beautiful examples of sharing my own meditation practice with my son. ⠀

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