Raising Mindful Kids

I recently saw an interview from a parenting expert that claimed parents need to toughen their children up to the world at a young age. ⠀

It broke my heart to see all the parents chiming in agreement with this parenting expert. ⠀

Children do not need to be tough. Boys don’t need to keep in their tears or forget about their feelings. Little girls shouldn’t just be left to argue it out because they are “girls.” ⠀

In an ever shifting world, it is our job as parents to demonstrate softness, love, stability, and respect. ⠀

How do we do that?⠀

- We are kind yet firm with our children. ⠀

- We establish routines in our homes. ⠀

- We hold family meetings where everyone has a voice. ⠀

- We play often with our little ones: filling our homes with love and laughter. ⠀

Quote by L.R. Knost⠀