Tools For Having Less Anxiety


Yesterday was one of those, “I just want to lay down and not do life,” one of days. ⠀

My mind was anxious, my thoughts were negative, and I felt trapped inside my own body. ⠀

Here’s the important thing that helped me - I knew I wasn’t the only one feeling that way. I knew that all those feelings were normal for us humans. ⠀

Here are some tools that allowed me to get through yesterday without taking my discomfort out on my children or husband ...⠀

⠀1. I took some time for extra meditation. I kept my faith high that those feelings would pass and tomorrow would be a fresh start. ⠀

2. I wrote out my feelings along with a big gratitude list. In times of fear, I always turn to gratitude. ⠀

3. I made a warm cup of almond milk with coco powder. I sat quietly and put my attention on each sip. ⠀

4. I reached out to a friend and was honest about my experience. None of us have to be anxious alone, ever!⠀

5. I went to bed early. I called it at 8:30 pm and went to sleep.  Today, I started my day with gratitude and meditation. Today, is already better than yesterday!⠀

No matter how you are feeling, know that we all have felt that way too. Today is a new day. Today you can SHINE!

With love,⠀