It’s Okay To Be Angry

This week I am offering tips for helping children with their anger. ⠀

Often a parent’s natural reaction is to suppress their child’s anger or ignore it. ⠀

Anger can feel scary and overwhelming to a parent so they try to avoid it or become angry themselves. ⠀

Ultimately, however, this doesn’t help the child learn to process her anger. ⠀

When your child is angry, it is helpful to remind her that “it’s okay to be angry.” ⠀

Offering your child encouragement when she is angry can help teach her that anger is a normal human emotion and that it’s okay to be mad. ⠀

Here a few helpful things that you can say the next time your child is angry ...⠀

1. I love you. ⠀

2. I see that you are really angry right now. ⠀

3. It’s okay to be angry. ⠀

4. Would you like a hug?⠀

5. I’m here for you. ⠀

Check out yesterday’s post to see picture books you can read with your little ones about anger. ⠀