When Your Child Hits ...

Every parent hopes that their young child will not hit another child, but the fact is that hitting in the toddler years in not uncommon (especially if you have siblings). ⠀

When a young child does hit another child, a normal parent reaction is to want to reprimand the hitter. Parents want to scold and punish their children in order to teach them that their behavior is not okay. ⠀

Punishment, however, is not necessarily the best approach (nor is it often very effective). ⠀

So, what can you do if your child does hit another child?⠀

If your child hits, immediately comfort the child who has been hit.⠀

Giving attention to the child that has been hit models empathy for your own child.⠀

Invite the child who has hit to help comfort the injured child. Maybe they want to help get the injured child some ice? ⠀

Involving the child who has hit teaches another important lesson in kindness and respect. ⠀

Later, when you have some alone time with your child, talk to him about alternative ways to express his anger. This is a great time to role play with you little one. Role play healthy solutions to anger. ⠀

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