Mealtime Woes

Mealtime woes with young children can make you feel like you’re looney tunes. 

I remember when both my children went from having big appetites to picking small bites of food off their plates (I’m happy to report they are becoming good eaters again ... there is hope )

It is normal for toddlers to go through phases where they reject food and here are a few tips to get you through those tricky times (with that said, if your child is refusing food often, it is always good to check with a pediatrician). 

Mindful Ninja Mom Tip #1 - Let your child participate in preparing the meal. Toddlers can cut steamed carrots with a child-safe knife, rip lettuce, or tear a crown of broccoli apart. The more involved a child is in making the food, the more likely she will be to taste it  

Mindful Ninja Mom Tip #2 - Stay calm! Try to avoid nagging your child for not eating or bribing him to eat. The more anxiety we project onto the meal, the more anxious our children become around food. If a meal goes untouched, you can simply wait to feed your child until the next mealtime or offer a healthy snack in between.

Mindful Ninja Mom Tip #3 - Create healthy routines around meals. Eat at similar times each day. Let your child help you set the table. Engage the family in dinner time conversations. Establish good rountines around meals and be realistic about your expectations for your young child. Like Melanie Miller said, “toddlers don’t have a lot of time for eating. Playing and being active are much more important.”