Last year I wrote a story about a little sheep, Jewel, who is afraid to cross the meadow and go to her birthday party. ⠀

Along the way, she meets a few farm animal friends who help her discover mindfulness tools to overcome her fears and get to her party. 🐑 🐈 🐖 🐎 ⠀

My daughter has been asking me to read the story a lot lately, which warms my heart because she didn’t realize that I had written it until last night! ⠀

In this illustration, Cat is telling Jewel to “imagine each worry is dancing through the sky on the wings of a butterfly.” ⠀

I love teaching my kids tools for coping with their fears and I’m excited to start sharing some of those tools with you this week. ⠀

The first tool I am sharing is a foundational mindfulness teaching - observing your fears. ⠀

Pema Chödrön says, “You are the sky. Everything else is just the weather.”⠀

As the sky, I observe the weather as it changes. Sometimes it is cloudy. Other times there is rain. In summer days it is hot and sunny. As the sky, I bring equanimity and acceptance to the changing weather. ⠀

One way that teach this concept to my children is through role play. After reading stories like this (check out my website www.mindfulninjamom.com for picture book suggestions, as this one isn’t published yet) we use a stuffed animal or a small figure, pretending it is scared. Then, I model ideas like observing our fears like butterflies dancing through the sky. We giggle as we wave and say, “bye-bye!”⠀

🦋 🦋 🦋 ⠀