Superhero Wolf 


Mindful breathing with superhero Wolf ...

Did you know that scientists have studied huffing and puffing?! This type of deep breathing calms your body and makes you feel better. Think of your body as a car, racing around and burning lots of gas. Huffing and puffing slows and steadies your body like brakes in a car.

You can teach your children how to HUFF and PUFF like Superhero Wolf to calm their bodies down.

Six Deep Huffs and Puffs:

1. Imagine you are blowing out a bunch of birthday candles. 

Take a deep HUFF in. Make your belly big like a ball. 

2. Let a giant PUFF out. Make your belly flat and small.

3. Repeat five more times. 

How do you feel after your Huffs and Puffs?


the creation of superhero Wolf

Superhero Wolf was inspired by Laura's upcoming book, Superhero Wolf: A mindfulness story about the Big Bad Wolf. 

Throughout time, the Big Bad Wolf has used his huff and puff to play awful tricks. But now Wolf has changed his scary ways and become …

Superhero Wolf!

Superhero Wolf teaches children how to HUFF and PUFF to calm their body down.